Jevne Park Stormwater Improvement Project

Medicine Lake

Project Number: ML-21

Project Status   |  On Hold

At their meeting in July 2018, the Bassett Creek Watershed Commission approved a proposal from its engineer to develop a feasibility study for this project. The study began in August 2018. A presentation of the study results to date was made to the Medicine Lake City Council on February 4, 2019 and a public open house was held on February 28, 2019. A draft feasibility study was presented at the April 18, 2019 BCWMC meeting. The Commission approved the feasibility study and moving forward with Concept 1.

A public hearing on the project was held at the BCWMC meeting on September 19, 2019. Two residents of Medicine Lake submitted concerns about the project and asked that the Commission not proceed with implementation. The BCWMC officially ordered the project by resolution and directed staff to continue working with the city and its residents on an agreement to construct the project and address residents' concerns to the best of their ability.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

Funding for this project is proposed to come from an ad valorum tax of all BCWMC residents collected by Hennepin County on behalf of the BCWMC. The feasibility study estimated design and construction costs of $404,000 (for Concept 1) which does not include the cost of the feasibility study and other administrative costs.

Project Description

The project goal is to construct an improved water retention pond in Jevne Park, which will result in:

  • better management of stormwater runoff because the city has no municipal storm sewer system
  • increased capacity for stormwater storage within the pre-existing natural pond/wetland and swale in Jevne Park
  • a better way to route, carry and store excess stormwater to minimize flooding within Jevne Park and on adjacent residential properties
  • reduced sediment and phosphorus pollution entering Medicine Lake
  • reduced City of Medicine Lake capital and maintenance expenditures associated with road and culvert repair caused by excessive volumes and rates of runoff
  • sustainability of existing waterfowl and wildlife habitats
  • This project is intended to improve conditions for smaller, more frequent storm events but is not intended to address the backflow from Medicine Lake onto the peninsula when water levels are abnormally high.

    Concept 1 (from feasibility study) will result in:

    • Additional flood mitigation volume of 0.38 acre-feet
    • Reduction of flood level by 0.2 feet for 2-year event
    • Additional phosphorus removal of 4.1 lbs/year
    • Additional open water area of 0.33 acres
    • Additional wetland area of 0.06 acres
    • Additional wetland buffer area of 0.32 acres
    • Removal of approximately 8 trees
     Detailed project map

    More Information

    Resolution 19-09 Ordering Project (Sept 19, 2019)

    Submissions During Public Hearing (Sept 19, 2019)

    Final Feasibility Study (Approved April 18, 2019; BCWMC to move forward with Concept 1)

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